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1734 North Troy Street, Arlington, VA 22201
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Colonial Village:
Your Gateway to Arlington's Pulse

Nestled in Arlington, Clarendon/Courthouse exudes a rich tapestry of sophistication and charm, seamlessly blending historical allure with modern energy. A mile from Washington, D.C., with easy Metro access, the neighborhood pulses with vibrant nightlife along Clarendon Avenue and a culinary scene ranging from trendy cafes to gourmet restaurants. Lush parks and outdoor spaces, along the Potomac River, offer a serene retreat. From nationally renowned theaters to high-end shopping, this district of ten walkable neighborhoods fosters a sense of community with lively events, celebrating national holidays, arts, and outdoor adventures. In Clarendon/Courthouse, life is a captivating journey where every facet contributes to a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere.